CROW CREEK DEBUTS - January 25, 2021

        I am writing this post on the eve of Crow Creek’s digital and Kickstarter kickoff! It has been a somewhat frantic week, just getting everything prepared for the campaign. Work aside, I am excited for everyone to get to read Crow Creek and have a chance to get physical editions.

        I didn’t write anything in the year 2018 and that was because of a few things. The biggest being the failure of my first webcomic Graves, as well as some personal finances. Little did I know that being in a different country would spark that drive in me, again… The country was Greenland, a place that I requested to go about two years prior. It was there in Greenland, I was asked a question on my third day there, about what I sought to accomplish there. My answers was to create and release a comic book. 

       Over the course of the next three months, I wrote the Crow Creek script that went through numerous rewrites and early production with a couple different artists. Of course, I soon found Michael Yakutis and to fast forward 19 months… Here we are! As you could see in my indie spotlight interview, zombies have always been something that I always wanted to write about. It was key for me, as I wrote Crow Creek to make it something we never saw before and I feel we accomplished that goal. Lastly, this production and release has just showed me to keep being an imaginative writer and don’t worry about project budgets & timelines. Also, it just tells me if I believe in a project then I can make it work and happen.

Special Thanks!
       Crow Creek’s release is certainly momentous for our team. I will begin with the artist and co-creator Michael Yakutis and editor Jason Snyder. They did great work throughout the 6 month production of Crow Creek! In addition to them, the variant cover art team of Crizam Zamora and Alla Kanetsyan. The entire team did a tremendous job, so thanks for their part in it. 

        Onto the people who supported me throughout the various stages of the project. I will start with my friend Diego Rojas, who helped me through the creation of my company’s logo, as well as listening to me speak about all these ideas flowing through my head. Luis Salcedo gave me really great feedback throughout him seeing the rougher, shorter drafts. Amalia Garcia, did the Freefall Comics logo, so huge thanks to her. Taylor Davie helped me with all the Kickstarter/Facebook/TikTok videos and always had great input as I showed him some of the finished work. Emel Saat helped me as a early reader, setup for the Kickstarter campaign, and doing the indie spotlight for it. Also during production, I had direct feedback and first responses from 3 members of my crew over the course of the 6 month production. They are Yakov Kim, Ginnis Gooder, and Shon Simpson. Then of course, everybody who will support, read, and/or back this project. Big thanks and hopefully I didn’t miss anyone!
Hope you enjoy Crow Creek
       Crow Creek means a lot to me and it’s my goal to have as many readers as possible! On January 26th it will be available for free through Google Play , this website, and various other digital outlets. Make sure to tell all of your friends & family! If you do like it or just want to show more support then definitely check out the Kickstarter!