CROW CREEK FIRST LOOK - January 2, 2021

CROW CREEK is a story that follows Native American Town Hall workers and special agents, who must put aside differences to survive a zombie outbreak. It is a zombie thriller with the main themes of trust and cooperation. CROW CREEK from Freefall Comics, LLC will be available February 1st for free digitally and physical editions will be made available through Kickstarter. Make sure to follow the Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram.

The First Two Pages

Meet the Artist

The extraordinary Michael Yakutis, an award winning artist based out of California. He has previously done work with Brett Ellis, Stan Lee, Simon & Schuster, and many more. I wanted Michael for this project because he was able to draw with realism, something that I use heavily in my writing as I love to convey real human emotion. He will most likely be drawing my next comic project, something that I wrote specifically for him. Follow him at the links below:



Meet the Editor

Jason Snyder is the Editor-in-Chief at GrayHaven comics. You may of spotted his name in my GRAVES blog posts!! I have been working with Jason since 2016! When the Crow Creek script was finished, I made sure to send it his way. He provided some great editorial feedback as this comic evolved from a short story into a one-shot. Jason is not only an Editor-in-Chief, but he also writes comics. He has worked on The Gathering and Alone anthologies for GrayHaven Comics, as well as various one-shots such as Rooster(Alterna Comics).

Follow him at the website link below:

Meet the Variant Cover Artist

The outstanding Crizam Zamora did the variant cover with colors by Alla Kanetsyan. Crizam has previously worked on such comics as Vampirella and the currently ongoing comic titled Heist on Alpha. He is also slated to be working on an upcoming 2 part graphic novel saga with me.

Follow him at the links below: