Quick September Update

-September 4, 2023

 Happy Labor Day! Over the course of this weekend, I could not help but to think about my twenty eight years of this particular holiday. Perhaps, this is psychologically my absolute least favorite holiday, even though it is an appreciation of all the hard work that we do every day. My reason is that growing up it had such a negative connotation with being the final weekend before going back to school. Nowadays, to me this holiday feels like the final reminder that a new year is brewing. An interesting fact is that Waffle House began its reign on the waffle industry on Labor Day, perhaps in 2024’s Labor Day; I will be making waffles.

         The college side of the world has had me occupied for a great chunk of my time. Last semester I took American English from 1865 to Present, and it was an excellent college course. I honed in on some of my critical essay skills and read some great works, particularly “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams. One of the reasons for my English major that I seek is to eventually be an editor on an anthology graphic novel and to also read more works that I would not have picked up, albeit in a weird, required college kind of way. Currently, I am taking Creative Writing and I quickly realized that writing prose is not my desired cup of tea. I do not believe that I will ever do the sole writing of a novel in prose after getting more experience writing this literary way. If I had a co-writer on a novel, then perhaps that would be another discussion for another day. My final words on my current class is that it has been fun so far, even though the work is a lot also. I have been writing horror in prose and later in the course, I will dabble into horror poems for my assignments. 

         Halloween is right around the corner and this is my second year taking roughly two weeks off for Halloween time. My big plans are Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios California, a special lights out night at The Thirteenth Floor Haunted House, an interactive Halloween experience/dinner, and the full experience of the haunted house that I went to last year(waiver haunted house). I will be dressing up and I still am debating my costumes, but most likely a Michael Jackson costume and one spooky costume. Also, I will be dressing up my cat this year, so pictures will come from that. Lastly, The biggest thing I am doing is on Halloween Day, which will be a zombie run that I am spearheading at the military base, in which I work.  

        Last topic of this month’s blog update is my graphic novel in production. You all may know that Beating Heart is the title of my next graphic novel. I have been working hard with Crizam Zamora on this book. We will have another post with some artwork from Chapter 2 of the book in October!