My Freshman Effort so far...

- March 3, 2021 by John Freeman

     Throughout the years, I watched classic zombie films such as the Romero zombie films, 28 Days Later, the Dawn of the Dead remake, Train to Busan, Planet Terror, Shaun of the Dead, and of course the TV series The Walking Dead. Each one brought some flavor to the zombie genre. Whether that was Planet Terror bringing that grindhouse flair to the genre, Shaun of the Dead’s humor, or 28 Days Later’s fast paced feel. Then we had Romero birthing what the genre it is today with his Of The Dead series of film. That’s something I wanted to do with Crow Creek, to make my mark on the genre and provide us something unique and fresh. 


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Sequel Talks 

Crow Creek started out as a short story and became something greater as I deep dived into it. I received some great feedback and talk about sequel possibilities and here is my take on that matter. No sequel planned for Crow Creek in my foreseeable future. I won’t spoil the ending for anyone here who hasn’t read it, but I feel that our story has closure, as we find answers to what the mystery was. Yes, there are some avenues a sequel could take. Those avenues are discussions that I certainly would like to hear from readers. We end Crow Creek in an explosive finale and ultimately finish out the main theme of trust. I want to keep the integrity of my intent and story intact for Crow Creek and I feel doing a sequel just because would feel uninspired. 

The Kickstarter and the train that is Crow Creek

I never would of thought that we would’ve reached over $5,000 raised, as well as having over 200 backers. It is truly amazing and I thank each and every backer, reader, and/or supporter of Crow Creek and us at Freefall Comics.  I will unveil our Thank You page as soon as it gets done. This is only the first 35 days of Crow Creek and we have a lot more planned in coming months such as being involved in other Kickstarters through their digital bundles. A Comixology release is incoming and a Indigogo/Indiegogo inDemand campaign. I will also work towards a Webtoon release with some major help from Michael Yakutis in converting to that format. Lastly, just more reviews and submitting Crow Creek for awards throughout the year. 

What’s next for me and this website?

Well… I will be doing blog posts every month, as well as Indie Spotlights. After Crow Creek’s Kickstarter editions get sent and we get the Webtoon release. We will move to producing my next comic/graphic novel. I should get some concept art on that one released by the end of this year or early next year. in